I live in Aberdeenshire with my husband, Dennis, and he just happens to be the reason I’m so wildly in love with love. He’s my biggest supporter, my biggest inspiration and he’s probably the only person who would tolerate my love for Murder She Wrote on a Sunday.

I’ve worked with photography, one way or another, for the last 10 years, but it wasn’t until Dennis and I tied the knot in 2018 that I found my love for weddings. Our mega talent photographer made such a lasting impression on me that, fast forward a couple of years, here I am as a photographer in the most rewarding industry. It’s utterly dreamy, and such a privilege.

I take a very candid, relaxed, documentary style approach to my work. I’m passionate about capturing the moments in-between, the moments before a kiss or after a glance and the moments that reveal who we really are with the ones we love.

Hi, I'm Scott, your newest third wheel.

Am I the right wedding photographer for you?
Let's find out...

Some things I love....

I love nothing more than exploring, especially with a camera in my hand. I’ve played with tigers, helped hatching turtles, walked the length of Manhattan, eaten copious amounts of gelato on the streets of Venice, watched the sun set over the Arabian Desert and it’s all thanks to the wonderful people in my life.

Travelling with the Arlows

My first camera was a very chunky film camera, once owned by my grandfather, and I still love it. There’s something so magical about the aesthetic of film. Some of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken are on film (of my husband from the early days of our relationship).


Not the bitter little fruits that go far too well with feta, but the feisty little puppy that lives rent-free in our house. She’s a one year old cockapoo and I don’t know how we’ve ever been able to get through life without her. She’s our boo.

Our Wee Doggo Olive

Give me a crispy roast potato and a helping skirlie (the most heavenly Scottish dish) any day, or every day. Ask my husband, they’re my weakness. Even writing this I’m thinking “can we have roasties for dinner tonight”...

POTATOES and More Potatoes

If you see me staring off into space, I’m probably thinking about cake. In fact, my husband and I had five wedding cakes. Why not, y’know… Victoria sponge if my fav, it’s maybe a bit boring but it’s a classic.

CAKE (My Kryptonite)

Don’t get me wrong, summer is a treat. But winter is where the party’s at - overshirts, dark nights, cosy sofa days with doggo. If we won the lottery, we’d probably open a wee ice cream shop somewhere very cold and remote. Olive would probably cause a fuss, she’s more of a summer gal.


“If I could carry Scott in my pocket 24/7 so that he could be on standby to capture any special moment, I would!”

Five star review